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Mercury Transit May 2016 Venus Transit Comet Holmes Comet Holmes Lunar Eclipse Thumbnail
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Mercury Transit
Venus Transit
Holmes Holmes Motion Lunar Eclipse
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Jupiter and Ganymede's Shadow Jupiter and Ganymede's Shadow Jupiter, Ganymede's shadow, and the Great Red Spot! Saturn Saturn Red Filtered Uranus Jupiter Thumbnail Lunar Eclipse April 15th, 2014
Jupiter Jupiter BW Jupiter
Saturn Saturn BW Uranus Jupiter
(early photo)
Lunar Eclipse
by Michael Burton
Sikhote-Alin Meteorite Fragment Arizona Meteorite Fragment

Deep Sky
M27 M42 C15 M1 M1 M1 M57 Orion Nebula Orion Nebula M15 M15
M27 M42 C15 M1 M1+ M1++ M57 M42 M42+ M15 M15+
C43 C43 Quasar 3C273
C30 C43 Quasar

Double/Multiple Stars
Psi Piscium 61 Cygni 61 Cygni Proper Motion Albireo Enif Graffias Algieba Algieba Almach
Psi Piscium 61 Cygni 61 Cygni's
Proper Motion!
Enif Graffias Algieba Algieba BW Almach
Xi Bootis Castor Castor Chi Tauri
Xi Bo├Âtis Castor Castor
Chi Tauri
Astro Art, Writing & Music

Leaving Hyperspace
Stellarium, Mandelbulber, and the GIMP
helped me create this image.

Psi Piscium
inspired by
this blue

inspired by
the Great

Chart created
while reading
Brian Greene's
Fabric of the

Time Canyon
Original music
inspired by
the Universe
Photo Gallery

Sagittarius Nova
Mar 31, 2015

Sarittarius Nova Mar 31, 2015
Sony CyberShot, night mode
Processed with the GIMP
Early morning just into the dawn.

"Super-Moon" Eclipse
Sep 27, 2015

Lunar Eclipse Sep 27, 2015
Sony CyberShot in night mode
with a little help from the GIMP    

Venus, Mercury, and Moon
Feb 6, 2016

Venus, Mercury, Moon Feb 6 2015
Sony CyberShot
and a little help from the GIMP

The Planets
Dec 1st 2012

Mercury, Venus, Saturn December 2012   Jupiter and the Moon December 2012
Sony CyberShot in night mode,
with some help from the GIMP
To the East - Mercury, Venus, Saturn
To the West - Jupiter and the Moon

Lunar Eclipse
Oct 8, 2014

Lunar Eclipse Oct 8, 2012
Sony CyberShot, night mode,
multi-photos, some help from
the GIMP - Misty morning,
out of totality at moonset.

Aurora, Colorado - My Backyard Observatory
Observatory   Observatory   Observatory

Looking Skyward
Dramatic Sky   Telescope   Orion's Sky   Moon and Planest

Observing Comet Lulin - 2009
Comet Lulin
Sony CyberShot photo of the sky
- enhanced with the GIMP
- comet observations and labels added

Lunar Eclipse - 2010
Lunar Eclipse 2010
Sony CyberShot photos of the sky
- processed with the GIMP
- moon moving into totality

Venus / Jupiter - 2012
Venus and Jupiter 2012
Sony CyberShot photo
- processed with the GIMP
- Venus is the upper object

Lunar Eclipse - 2014
Total Lunar Eclipse 2014
Sony CyberShot SLIDE SHOW
- processed with the GIMP
- moon moving out of totality

Lunar Eclipse 2011
Lunar Eclipse 2011 #1   Lunar Eclipse 2011 #2   Lunar Eclipse 2011 #3   Lunar Eclipse 2011 #4
Sony CyberShot Photos - into totality at moonset

Annular Solar Eclipse 2012
Annular Solar Eclipse 2012 Illusion Annular Solar Eclipse 2012 #1 Annular Solar Eclipse 2012 #2 Annular Solar Eclipse 2012 #3 Annular Solar Eclipse 2012 #4 Annular Solar Eclipse 2012 #5
Sony CyberShot Photos - into near annular totality at sunset

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